VIVECHROM case study

In 1932 VIVECHROM is founded by Stefanos Diamantis Pateras and other members of the famous family of shipowners for the purpose of manufacturing, processing, import, export and trade all kinds of coatings, paints and plastics in the first plant operating in Nikaia. Here begins the story and VIVECHROM is the first industry in the paints industry and one of the largest industries in the country.

Business needs
The company aims to automate processes and extend the e-Business environment at every level of corporate activity. Thus arose the need to pursue an advanced technological solution for the modernization of field sales. The main objective of the company was to organize and support the complex process of recording products.

The company having fully informed solutions for Sales Force Automation (automation with portable electronic devices bearing vendors) chose Cable Solution myPocketBiz Sales. The company in order to meet the needs of decided to use licenses merchandising and ordering.

Business Benefits
VIVECHROM chose this solution because myPocketBiz Sales will contribute significantly to the increase company productivity and reducing operating expenses is a technologically advanced and easy to use solution. With myPocketBiz Sales favored increased diffusion of accurate information to company management, thus promoting communication at every level . Specifically with myPocketBiz Sales professional company everyday becomes even more easy and efficient as always have access to critical business information concerning the company's products and customers. In addition the daily operations performed quickly and easily without the need for constant communication with the head of the company. The result is the possibility of obtaining direct and informed strategic decisions. At the same time, the solution myPocketBiz Sales, offers financial flexibility with monthly per user subscription and pay-as-you-go model features.