Terms Of Use

 SiEBEN Ltd. (www.sieben.gr) who created the program myPocketBiz and distribute through the website www.mypocketbiz.net, offers its services under the following terms.


Visitor / user of the pages of the site are required to read carefully and proceed to visit / use the pages / services only if it accepts them fully. In case of disagreement should not make use of them, otherwise presumed that accepts them and agrees to. The following terms of use apply to all content and what is generally included in the pages of our website. The SiEBEN may at any time modify the terms and conditions , and the users / visitors are required each time to check for any changes and if they continue to use allegedly accepted the amended terms and conditions. Otherwise, they should refrain from using / visiting our website.
SiEBEN provides visitors / users of the website www.mypocketbiz.net services mypocketbiz sales, mypocketbiz field service and mypocketbiz pharma with the available modes (on-line credit card payment, pay via PayPal, bank deposit). On pages www.mypocketbiz.net forms of advertising. The existing and any new services on the website www.mypocketbiz.net subject to these terms of use, unless explicitly stated otherwise. The visitor / user of the service myPocketBiz understands and accepts that all the pages / services are provided " as is" and myPocketBiz disclaims any liability related to the limited time duration, deletion , poor performance or failure to store any data user and / or any service .
Visitor / user is responsible for access to its services. The visitor / user is responsible for access to the services of myPocketBiz and access may require payment of fees / expenses to third parties (eg internet service provider’s internet, PayPal, banking organizations). The visitor / user is solely responsible for the payment of the relevant fees / costs. Also, the visitor / user is solely responsible for his own equipment with the necessary technological means that allow access to the services of myPocketBiz.
SiEBEN in no way guarantee uninterrupted or error-free provision of services, or even the lack of "viruses" on its website www.mypocketbiz.net. If the SiEBEN decide to temporarily or permanently remove myPocketBiz, the company will offer each user the full amount of credits that will be available at that time.
SiEBEN reserves the right to change the price list without further notice.
If you purchase on-line by credit card, the company is not in contact with financial data users, only the phone number and email address which is registered with the service myPocketBiz. If the credit market electronically via PayPal, the company is not in contact with financial data users, only the e-mail that use PayPal ID. If the credit market is made into a bank account, the company is in contact only with the data provided by the banking institution as evidence of the transaction.

If the visitor / user wishes to subscribe to its services myPocketBiz agrees to: a) provide true, accurate, current and complete information on the data requested by the myPocketBiz on requests for access to the content / services and b) maintain and thoroughly inform the registration data to keep it true, accurate, reliable, current and complete.

member Account
The records myPocketBiz users as members and provide them with the services described herein, upon acceptance of the terms of use of the website and complete the registration process them. Once the visitor / user completes the registration process designate myPocketBiz, will receive a personal confirmation code input (password) on his cell phone and his email. Members remain solely responsible for all activities that occur under your personal password, name, and generally use their account (user account).
The members are solely responsible for the careful use of their account and their formal exit from your account at the end of each fiscal year (Logout). Also, members agree to immediately notify the SiEBEN for any unauthorized use of their account and void any and / or potential security breach. The myPocketBiz not responsible for any damage or injury resulting from the failure of States to respect and follow this clause 
Ethics members
If the user registration / membership is by sending a code to email & sms on his mobile phone and since the mobile is personal property and also email account, the user is responsible for the safety of his mobile and email account and for how it is used in the service of myPocketBiz.
Links (links) to other sites
Our website www.mypocketbiz.net not responsible for the content and services of other websites to which it provides "links" (hyperlinks) or advertising banner, nor guarantee their availability. Problems that may arise during the visit / use of websites to which we link relate solely the responsibility of the respective sites, they must be addressed to the user / member. Reference to other sites are for the convenience of users / members and in no way creates any kind of commitment to SiEBEN. H SiEBEN has no responsibility for communicating the user / member with third party service providers advertised on www.mypocketbiz.net for any commercial transaction that may arise from the relationship between them.

Changes and Amendments to the Terms of Use of myPocketBiz
SIEBEN reserves the right to change the price list of myPocketBiz without notice. SIEBEN reserves the right to change the Terms of Use. Any changes will be reported to the Terms and labeled to be distinct differentiation of the Terms of Use.

Intellectual and industrial property
The entire content of myPocketBiz, including , but not limited to , the creation of this service , texts , news, graphics , photographs, illustrations, pictures , services and any kind of files are protected by copyright and is governed by national and international copyright law , except those explicitly recognized rights of others . Consequently , any reproduction , republishing , copying , storage, sale, transmission , distribution , publication, performance , " loading " (download), translated or modified in any way, forbidden without the express prior written consent of SiEBEN.

The management and protection of personal data of the user / member shall be governed by the terms of this Agreement and relevant provisions of both the Greek and European law.
The personal data collected by www.mypocketbiz.net are the following:
  • Name , Email, Cell phone user / State
  • Personal Password (Password)
  • PayPal ID ( if purchase made through PayPal)
  • Saved Texts
  • Statistics & History
  • Data provided by the bank when the purchase is made via bank deposit
In any case, the user / member myPocketBiz may, after contacting the department and establish the existence of a personal record \, request deletion, correction or change. Minors have access myPocketBiz only with the consent of parents / guardians.

Expressly agreed hereby that if SiEBEN brought against any action, claim, administrative or legal action arising from any form of violation of any visitor / user / member undertakes to intervene to the relevant Court procedure and to indemnify the SiEBEN if forced to pay compensation or other expense.
Applicable law and other provisions
This Agreement is governed by the provisions of Greek Law, the Rules and Directives of European law and the relevant international provisions, and construed in accordance with the rules of good faith, business ethics and the economic and social purpose of the right.
If any provision is held to be contrary to law and therefore void or voidable, shall automatically lapse, without in any way affecting the remaining terms. No modification of the terms hereof shall be taken into account and be a part of it, unless expressed in writing and incorporated herein.
Competent court for any disputes arising from this contract shall be the Courts of Athens.